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About us

Look beyond the package!

My Smart Home Gadgets store was created as an addition to our main line of business in home automation and custom electronics installation. We want to give everyone, no matter how big or small their budget is, an opportunity to enjoy the newest smart products and devices.

You can start your smart home with few essential things – smart bulb, smart thermostat or all-in-one security camera. With these inexpensive products you can play your favorite music right from your phone anywhere in the house, keep an eye on what is going on in your home, have an ideal temperature and at the same time save on energy bills.

My Smart Home Gadgets is a unique store because we offer only the products that we tested ourselves and carry in our main show room in Toronto at Canada’s largest home improvement centre IMPROVE. You can come to our showroom and actually try any of the products we offer on-line.

Our fully functional model home allows to test any product before buying it so that you know exactly how it performs. This eliminates the main worry of an on-line shopper - "What is actually there, beyond the nice package?"

Our team is ready to support you on-line and off-line. We welcome any reviews, comments and even suggestions on what other gadgets you would like to see in the store.